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They Pay You to Learn Swift

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So as I mentioned in my last post I was trying to find something to do in Swift. I thought, maybe I should work on some simple, dummy apps to hone my skills. I was considering a few ideas, but then I got a mail from Topcoder announcing their GetSwifter series. It basically is a series of development challenges in Swift. They have decided to distribute $500,000 as prizes. I checked out their Swift Challenges and found that they were mostly some simple apps. They keep posting a few challenges every week and typical time to complete the challenges is about 4-6 days. I found this very interesting and started working on a few challenges.

They just finished distributing $100,000 to 1000 people. It was a very simple challenge to get started. They just wanted participants to create a playground file and intention was to test that we have understood basics in Swift and can write and use Classes, Structures, Arrays, Tuples etc. I participated in this challenge and was successful in earning my first prize at Topcoder. They basically gave $100 to first 1000 people who completed the challenge successfully.

While this simple challenge is already over, not so simple and some real-world challenges are in progress and more challenges are being added regularly so I urge all of you to checkout Swift Challenges on Topcoder right now and start participating. It’s really a good way to learn Swift and in these crazy times, you get paid to learn it, so make the most of it.

For those interested in the code for $100 Playground challenge, I am going to share it in my next post.