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Custom View Drawing

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Stanford’s CS193P iOS8 development Course in Swift is turning out to be a well rounded and very useful resource so far. If you haven’t started yet, I urge you to start now. In Lecture 5, Paul Hegarty starts with Objective-C Compatibility, he then talks about Property Lists etc. and then moves to completely different topic of UIView for remaining lecture. He does that often, keeps mixing different topics in a single lecture. I actually find that approach interesting and refreshing.

Calculator in Swift

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All new CS193P started at Stanford sometime back. Great news is, that it’s being taught in Swift. I have just finished listening first 2 lectures. I am quite impressed with Paul Hegarty. He starts the lecture with firing Xcode, talking about it and then beginning to code a Calculator app in Swift.

CocoaPods Is Ready for Swift

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When we work on a real project, we use many third-party libraries to make our lives easier. To use these libs, we first need to find them, download them and include them in our project. CocoaPods lets us automate all this process and also handles dependency management for us. Check out this post on NSHipster for a very good intro.

Functions = Closures

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Unlike my other posts equating 2 concepts, I am actually completely right this time. As Functions in Swift are actually just Closures with a name. So what is a Closure? It’s like a function, but without a name :-)

Here is a simple Function: